Grippytip is your solution to opening those aggravating plastic bags at the grocery store checkout!

Keep this keychain grippytip holder on your key fob, key chain, or in your purse. Take it out at the checkout, use the grippytip to open your bags, and easily store it back in the case. No more getting frustrated with opening the stores plastic grocery bags! Grippytip is constructed from durable, reusable, light weight, non-toxic food grade silicone. The keychain case is sturdy and stays closed with normal use. The case is made from a durable plastic with a hinged side the length of the case and an indent at the opening so it's easy to open and close. It's small size (approx. 2 1/4" x 3/4") is also comfortable enough to keep in your pocket.

***The grippytip is a choking hazard for small children***



- Durable

- Reusable

- Light weight

- Food grade silicone

- Non-toxic